Winter Construction Specialties
North American Rental
Winter Construction Specialties is committed to the highest quality of support. Winter Construction Specialties rents, services sells, and supplies parts for a wide range of surface and air heating equipment, for industrial, commercial and residential construction. We take great pride in supplying professional level technical advice and maintenance services that are the best in the business. 24 hour tech support, and on site training are provided. We are dedicated to continuing innovation to our affiliates and their customers. Rent the Proper Equipment for the Specific Application. Every contractor knows that having the right equipment can help start or expand your business. Winter Construction Specialties puts a vast array of equipment and experience at your disposal. We have all the winter heating, thawing and curing machines and expertise you’ll need for extreme cold weather construction. We provide every customer with access to the best people, equipment and solutions in the industry; from commercial and industrial construction to independent contractors. Our Mission
Rent the best. Fuse together experienced people and proven technology into equipment to provide solutions that enable customers to safely and reliably stay on schedule, even in extreme cold weather conditions. Our Values
Always act and require that others act in a manner that puts the safety of our employees, customers and community first and foremost. Support for People
Creating a work environment that challenges employees to improve professionally and communicate through networks, new ideas, approaches and the advancement of technology. Dedicate training and assistance that is in the best interests of customers. Develop better ways for them to improve quality and efficiency. Rentals, Sales & Service
WCS are the North American cold weather heat experts. Rent with confidence and guarantee equipment performance that's required in today’s sophisticated construction operations.
Our Service and Maintenance Team Keeps Equipment Operating.
Along with 24 Hour tech support, and on-site training, routine service and preventative maintenance is crucial for keeping equipment running at peak performance in harsh conditions. We can help avoid downtime and save valuable resources.

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