Winter Construction Specialties
North American Rental
Surface heat machines for commercial, industrial and construction applications

HYDRO 200 AND 500

Ice busting Portable Heat
Addresses overtime, job productivity, down time and costs imposed by extreme cold weather.
Put Real Heat on harsh winter conditions
Maximize effectiveness with the ability to lay hose and wrap pipe in large or small hard to reach areas.
Flameless hydronic surface heat Melt ice fast! These flameless, lightweight, electric plug-in units contain powerful open 0PSI operating heaters. Use any combination of 5/8” heat transfer hose. Used in oil and gas fields for pipe warming. Hydro 200 thaws up to 400 sq. ft. Warms/Cures up to 800 sq. ft. of concrete with a single 120 Volt power supply.
Oil and Gas Industries • Protect valves on frac tanks from freezing • Protect pipe lines Construction Industry • Thaw, Frost Prevention, • Cure small concrete jobs cost effectively Custom Applications • Rooftop ice dam removal • Frozen septic system • Tank/Container heating • Use the custom manifold to apply heat to different areas with one unit • Heavy equipment cold weather pre-heating