Winter Construction Specialties
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Project Requirement
Cold temperatures make it a challenge to achieve specified temps, but even more important might be the prep work stipulations that go along with work requirements. Winter Construction Specialties generally uses Flex-Temp Systems machines. This equipment is mechanically engineered by design for on-site operation and can perform all functions necessary. The Fusion series units are geared for cold weather with safety, reliability and optional technologies for advanced heat control. Delaying a project until warmer weather arrives usually isn’t an option under most job schedules. But if the tasks at hand are scheduling ground breaking to concrete curing in frozen winter conditions, WSC and their heat equipment
The Realm of Work Project Possibilities can Change just like the Weather. Cold weather creates many construction challenges. Trying to dig hard, frozen earth can present problems, whether working with a small trencher or D10 backhoe. Need to:
Stay on schedule? Dig into frozen earth?
Pre Pour warming?
Cure concrete pours in cold weather? Conform to DOT specs for bridge decks? Ground frost prevent?
Use on-site backfill? Keep a Fracking operation from freezing?
Prevent frost?
Have reliable equipment? WCS has a solution to all of these challenges and more.
Renting from experienced professionals has its advantages. Consulting, training and supplemental equipment is available during peak periods or breakdowns. Training and consultation services as well as 24/7 tech support are available. As always, planning ahead helps to avoid costs associated with equipment rental and purchase.
Rent From The Pros
Designed for the toughest conditions; Winter Construction's best performing product is Flex-Temp Systems' line of surface heat, ground thaw, concrete curing and frost prevention equipment. We consulted on and thawed the worlds largest site of 85,000 sq. ft., the Ryan Construction, Super Target site.
Professional Proformance
Meet with an expert. Consult with Winter Construction Specialties beforehand in the planning stages. Arrange logistics and site coordination- understand how to best utilize the right equipment for the project and schedule. Consider preparation for excavation, building, fit-out, forming and pouring. Advanced strategic winter heat planning is critical to successful projects operations. Solutions Using Advanced Technology
Utilize our consulting, consider the scope of the job, include site preparation, and planning. The appropriate technology, type and quantity of equipment will be recommended to complete a successful project. Concrete curing utilizes FlexTemp Fusion's Advanced Heat Control "Max Cure" technology to provide even temperatures throughout the pour. The use of "FailSafe Power" provides autostart on the generator should shore power fail. "Flex Guard" Built in 150% containment for environmentally sensitive sites.