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Protect your project during cold weather slowdowns • Get access the extra equipment you need during peak periods • Keep crew working when your own equipment breaks down • Rent the right equipment for the specific application • Avoid maintenance and storage The Surface Heat Experts Winter Construction Specialties WCS Rental machines are specifically engineered from the ground for professional performance. Our equipment has more safety features than other heating machines in the industry including spill containment, curing capabilities and GPS to assist you on-site. Whether you are preventing frost on a small area or thawing a large sq., ft. cure, Winter Construction Specialties will provide you with the rental you need to stay on schedule even at -30º below.
Planning in advance and customer support is a key contribution to any project’s success Delaying a project until warmer weather arrives usually isn’t an option under most job schedules. Winter Construction Specialties uses Flex-Temp Systems machines. The Fusion series units are geared for cold weather with safety, reliability and optional technologies for advanced heat control. Winter Construction Specialties is very helpful and we’ll get you going in short order. In addition the equipment and supplies are pretty flexible and with planning and preparing also comes in handy on other job-site tasks, including curing a concrete slab on top of an elevator shaft and heating a roadway curb. Winter Construction Specialties guides you, supports your job crews, checks and verify that initial specification are met and making sure rentals are available when you need them. Another advantage for contractors is the removal and breakdown after each use. There is always a prep procedure list in case of machine multi-use or there is a need to continue onto different areas of a project, including if extra hose reels or blankets are needed. We’re there when you are ready for pickup and maintain contact before and throughout your project so you can have a perfect setup.